Due to the diversity of design tasks results in a high degree of flexibility, efficiency and ability to communicate with the processing of new tasks.

We do not follow a strongly worded architectural philosophy. It is this freedom of thought, that still leaves philosophizing possible to encounter the possibility of the architecture and their tasks with the necessary respect and seriousness.

Existing and new complement each other and lead to a great overall result. Structural clarity, focus on the essentials, modulation of light, material addition and haptic perception are determining factors of our architecture.

Photos Markus Guhl

project list

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2022 - projects in realisation

district administration office Würzburg
district administration office of the future, Würzburg
realisation: from 2022

seaside ensemble Spiekeroog
seaside ensemble at Spiekeroog
realisation: from 2022

HTWG Constance
institutbuilding for the HTWG Constance
realisation: from 2022

projects in realisation

bank office Mannheim
bank office building for the Sparkasse Rhein Neckar North at Paradeplatz in Mannheim
realisation: from 2021

112H firestation Herbolzheim
Firestation, DRK local association and rescue station, Herbolzheim
realisation:from 2021

forum Königsbrunn
cultural Forum Königsbrunn
realisation: from 2021

NBO residential development Heilbronn
resitential building plot K9, Nackarbogen Heilbronn
realisation: from 2021

2020 - projects in realisation

SPW Sports Hall Wangen
construction of a new Sports hall with school use in Wangen in Allgäu
LPH: 1-8, BGF: 4.630 m², BRI: 20.130 m² realisation: from 2020

STH district house Stammheim
construction of a new district house as meeting place for citizens in Stuttgart Stammheim
LPH: 1-8, NUF 730 m², realisation: from 2020

DRB residential development Dresdner Ring Backnang
Construction of a new residential district at Dresdner Ring in Backnang.
LPH: 1-8,BGF: 4.950 m², BRI: 14.880 m³, realisation: from 2019

Broadcasting building for SWR in Mannheim
Broadcasting building for SWR at Schafweide in Mannheim-Ludwigshafen.
LPH: 1-8 , BGF: 4.290 m², BRI: 20.520 m³, realisation: from 2018

112Ü fire department Überlingen
Construction of a new fire department in Überlingen, release area east.
LPH: 1-9, BGF: ca. 1.050 m², realisation: from 2018

KHG Multipurpose hall Gammertingen
Construcion of a new multipurpose hall in Gammertingen on the premises of Schey-Areal in Gammertingen.
LPH: 1-8, BGF: 1.390 m, BRI: 8.1010 m³, realisation: from 2018

BT28 Residential and commercial building in Berlin
Construction of a residential and commercial building in Berlin Moabit.
LPH: 1-9, BGF: 31.100 m², BRI: 103.600 m³, realisation: from 2018

112 fire station Germersheim
Construcion of fire station in Germersheim with 18 parking spaces and service center for surrounding fire departments.
LPH: 1-5, BGF: 3.640 m², BRI: 19.390 m³, realisation: from 2016


BBB Visitor center Bernau near Berlin
Construcion of a new visitor center at Bernau near Berlin on the site of the world heritage Bundesschule Bernau.
LPH: 1-9, BGF: 485 m², BRI: 2.400 m³ , realisation: 2018-2022

KWZ office building for small business Karlsruhe
Construcion of office building for small business in the creative industry of Karlsruhe.
LPH: 1-9, BGF: 3.980 m²,BRI: 13.740 m³, realisation: 2018-2022


HLC Half Long Charles Ludwigsburg
Construction of residential and commercial quarter in a prominent position near central station.
LPH: 1-5, BGF: 6.400 m², BRI: 21.900 m³, realisation: 2017-2021

112f fire department Fulda
Construction of new fire station in Fulda with garage for fire brigades.
LPH: 1-8, BGF: 2.650 m², BRI: 12.100 m³, realisation: 2017-2021


RaR townhall Remchingen
Construcion of new townhall in poligonal shape with council chamber and catering.
LPH: 1-8, BGF: 6.360 m², BRI: 25.880 m³, realisation: 2015-2020

U31 Apartment Building , Stuttgart
Energyrelated renovation of an apartment building in Stuttgart.
LPH: 1-8, BGF: 2.390 m², BRI: 7.270 m³, realisation: 2016-2020


LRA District office Bad Kissingen
Extension to the district office for health and administration in the historic city center of Bad Kissingen.
LPH: 1-8, BGF: 1.930 m², BRI: 7.400 m³, realisation: 2018-2019

K17 Klaustor, Waltershausen
Conversion and renovation of the city gate of 1390 to culture building with construcion of two townhouses.
LPH: 1-5, BGF: 750 m², BRI: 2.060 m³, realisation: from 2015


H11 library Kressbronn a. B.
Convertion and renovation of historic barn to public library.
LPH: 1-8, BGF: 860 m², BRI: 3.500 m³, realisation: 2015-2018

BKO Technical College Olpe, Attendorn
Extention to technical college Olpe with multifunctional event location.
LPH: 1-5, BGF: 1.550 m², BRI: 6.060 m³, realisation: 2015-2018

HB78 residential building, Stuttgart
4 in 1. Construction of an apartment building in Stuttgart.
LPH: 1-4, BGF: 1.110 m², BRI: 3.200 m³, realisation: 2017-2018

SWS Office building for the municipal utility, Tübingen
Construction Office building for the municipal utility SWS with about 140 workplaces.
LPH: 1-9, BGF: 3.050 m², BRI: 11.600 m³, realisation: 2014-2018

K-SWT Customer service center, Tübingen Renovation and redesign of customer service center of SWS in Tübingen.
LPH: 2-8, BGF: 570 m², BRI: 2.280 m³, realisation: 2015-2018


B77 residential building, Stuttgart
Construcion of a hillside City Villa in Stuttgart.
LPH: 1-4, BGF: 630 m², BRI: 2.100 m³, realisation: 2016-2017

HGR residential building, Nürtingen
Construcion of a residential building made of insulating concrete in Nürtingen.
LPH: 1-4, BGF: 320 m², BRI: 950 m³, realisation: 2017


WAN Live on the "Nordwall", Stadthagen
Construcion of residentlial quarter with 18 housing units in the historic center of Stadthagen.
LPH: 1-2, BGF: 2.270 m², BRI: 6.280m³, realisation: 2015-2016

E20 residental living, Pliezhausen Erratic boulder. Construction of a residential building in Pliezhausen.
LPH: 1-8, BGF: 376 m², BRI: 1.375 m³, realisation: 2015-2016

W58 cityvilla, Reutlingen Passepartout. Construction of a residential building in Reutlingen.
LPH: 1-8 , BGF: 474 m², BRI: 1.640 m³, Leistungszeit:2014-2016


K33 Buisness House, Stuttgart
Renovation of the business house built of Paul Stohrer.
LPH: 2-4, BGF: 3.400 m², BRI: 10.000 m³, realisation: 2015

BW12 residential building, Baden Baden
Construction of a residential building in Baden Baden.
LPH: 1-8, BGF: 572 m², BRI: 1.756 m³, realisation: 2012-2015

M5 business house, Stuttgart

Project development for facade- and structural restoration of a historical protected business house at market square in Stuttgart.
LPH: 2, BGF: 1.020 m², BRI: 3.780 m³, realisation: 2014-2015


S3 residential building, Tübingen
Construction of a City Villa in Tübingen.
LPH: 1-8, BGF: 653 m², BRI: 2.128 m³, realisation: 2013-2014

208A Penthouse, Stuttgart
Renovation of an apartment building with attic loft in Stuttgart.
LPH: 1-4, BGF: 218 m², BRI: 660 m³, realisation: 2014

EM31 apartment building, Metzingen
Construction of a city villa in Metzingen.
LPH: 1-4, BGF:881 m², BRI: 2.972 m³, realisation:2014


BBW Berufliches Bildungswerk, Mosbach
Renovation of the training building for constuction.
LPH: 2-8, BGF: 2.125 m², BRI: 8.710 m³, realisation: 2012-2013

SW26 residential building, Stuttgart
Energetic renovation of a residential building in Stuttgart.
LPH: 2-8, BGF:343 m², BRI: 841 m³, realisation: 2011-2013

F6 city villa, Dresden
Introverted city villa in Dresden.
LPH: 1-7, BGF: 435 m², BRI: 1.365 m³, realisation: 2011-2012

SVZ sports park, Sachsenheim
Construction of sports center with fitnesscenter, spa and offices in wooden construction.
LPH: 5-8, BGF: 1.403 m², BRI: 6.434 m³, realisation: 2012

EM35 city villa, Metzingen
Construction of a City Villa in Metzingen.
LPH: 1-9, BGF: 513 m², BRI: 1.081 m³, realisation: 2010-2011

B4 city villa, Stuttgart
Construction of a City Villa in Stuttgart.
LPH: 1-4, BGF: 334 m², BRI: 1.056m³, realisation: 2011

LH5 nursing and technical college Landgut Holzdorf
Renovation of the former milking byre (1271).
LPH: 3-6, BGF: 2.850 m², BRI: 9.140 m³, realisation: 2010

GO3 city villa, Reutlingen
Construction of a City Villa in Reutlingen.
LPH: 1-9, BGF: 310 m², BRI: 898 m³, realisation: 2007

S108 city villa, Reutlingen
Construction of a City Villa in Reutlingen.
LPH: 1-9 , BGF: 449 m², BRI: 1.136 m³, realisation: 2006-2007

competition list

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Revitalization Hotel in the Schlossgarten, Stuttgart, 1st Preis

Firestation 1, South Stuttgart, 1st price

residential development Petershausen-West, Constance, 1st price

Kreishaus Künzelsau, participation

residential development in Freiburg, participation

commercial building KÖ51 in Stuttgart, participation

Markgraefliches Palais in Karlsruhe, appreciation

district office of the future in Wuerzburg, 1st price

innovation centre greentech in Mannheim, 1st price

institute for the HTWG Constance, 1st price

seaside ensemble on the island of Spiekeroog, 1st price

Mainquartier Volkach, 2nd price

office building in Wiesbaden, 2nd price

Sparkasse Mannheim, 1st price

firestation Herbolzheim, 1st price

Neckarbogen Heilbronn, award procedure

Umweltbank Nuremberg, 3rd price

district house Stammheim, award

sports hall Wangen, 1st price

Friedrich-Schelling-School Besigheim, 2nd price

Institute of Technology Nürnberg, award

PH+HVF Ludwigsburg, participation

state office for school, Gunzenhausen, 1st price

rbb Berlin-Brandenburg,1st prize

Innovative living Pforzheim, 1st price

Kulturhaus auf der Freiheit Schleswig, 2nd price

Forum Königsbrunn, 1st price

Extension of Steinwache memorial in Dortmund, appreciation

residential building Düsseldorf, 1st price

Traffic training facility for the ADAC, 1st price

new building firestation city of Osterburken, 3rd price

residential area Dresdener Ring, Backnang, 1st price

residential area Gämsenberg Ludwigsburg, 3rd price

[new building firestation Garching, 2nd price]

new building media house SWR Mannheim, 1st price

Feuerwache Überlingen Zuschlag

Firestation Bad Soden im Taunus, 2nd price

Multipurpose hall in Gammertingen, 1.price

Visitor center Bernau near Berlin, price

Residential and commercial building in Berlin, 1.price

Kreativwirtschaftszentrum Karlsuhe, 1st price

Dresden, Hafencity, 2nd price

[Enzian Seifenfabrik, 2nd price] Raiffeisenquartier, Feldkirchen, 2nd price

[Campus,Bühl, 4th price] Residential building Marienweg, Konstanz-Litzelstetten, award

Half Long Charles, Ludwigsburg, 1st price

Kita, Walldorf, award

firestation, Fulda, 1st price

Budapester Platz, Stuttgart, award

creative working space, 3rd price

Conference Center Garmisch Partenkirchen, participation

Firestation Germersheim, 1st price

[administration department Neustadt a.d.W,, award]

district office Bad Kissingen, 1st price

communal accommodation, Lörrach, award

Library and Mensa Kressbronn, 3rd price

senior residence Bad Windsheim, new building 1st range / 2.price

townhall Remchingen, new building, 1st price

residential building Nordwall, new building and reconstrucion, 1.Preis

[student resisidence Hof, new building, award

Technical College Olpe, new building and extention, 1st price

[Rote Wand Stuttgart housing department, 4th price(

Stadtwerke Tübingen department of works,1st price

Klaustor City Museum, 1st price

residential development Pasing Arkaden, München, 3rd price


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