Townhall Remchingen

New town hall with a council room, offices and a restaurant
2015 - 2019

Broadcasting building for SWR in Mannheim

Broadcasting building for SWR (public radio in southwest Germany) in Mannheim
beginning 2018

Technical college Nuremberg

Construction of a university building to create a technology campus in Nuremberg West at the "Auf AEG" site.

Residential and commercial building in Berlin

Residential and commercial building in central Berlin
beginning 2018

Multipurpose hall Gammertingen

New construction of a multipurpose hall in Gammertingen
beginning 2018

cultural forum Königsbrunn

Nebau cultural forum Königsbrunn
from 2021

District office Bad Kissingen

New administrative building for the district office in Bad Kissingen
2016 - 2019

Visitor center Bernau near Berlin

Construction of a visitor center on the world heritage site "Trade Union School of the ADGB" in Bernau near Berlin.
beginning 2018

State office in Gunzenhausen

A new state office building in Gunzenhausen
beginning 2020

fire station Herbolzheim

Fire station, DRK local association and rescue station Herbolzheim
from 2021

Neckarbogen Heilbronn

Residential building in the city quarter Neckarbogen in Heilbronn
from 2021

Office building for the municipal utility in Tübingen

Administrative building for the municipal utility in Tübingen

Innovative living in Pforzheim

New construction of residential buildings and a day care centre in Pforzheim
beginning 2020

Traffic training facility for ADAC

Renovation and expansion of a traffic training facility for the ADAC (Germany's motor club)
beginning 2019

Multipurpose hall + fire station Markelfingen

Construction of a multipurpose hall and renovation of the neighboring fire station in Markelfingen
beginning 2020

sports hall Wangen

Sports hall with multi-purpose use in Wangen im Allgäu
from 2021

KWZ Karlsruhe

Office building for small businesses in the creative industry in Karlsruhe
beginning 2018

Community center Stammheim

New community center in Stuttgart Stammheim
beginning 2020

Half-Long Charles Ludwigsburg

Residential and commercial buildings in Ludwigsburg
beginning 2017

DRB residential development Backnang

Residential buildings in Backnang
beginning 2019

Fire department Fulda

New construction of a fire station in Fulda
beginning 2016

Fire department Germersheim

New construction of a fire station in Germersheim
beginning 2016

E20 residental living

erratic boulder 2014-2016

Live on the "Nordwall"

New construction and rebuilt of residential buildings
in the old town of Stadthagen 2015

Klaustor City Museum

city display in historic context
start 2017

W58 cityvilla

passepartout 2014-2016

S3 cityvilla

Residental house of concrete 2013-2014

EM35 cityvilla

accurate, nearly crystalline impression 2011