The city of Königsbrunn experiences with the cultural forum as a new connecting urban building block the unique opportunity to create a common identity-creating place of encounter for its citizens.
Important to us at this exposed location also the long-distance effect of the building. Here the new building takes up the heights of the surrounding new buildings and complements these complements these exciting. In this way, a good embedding of the building mass in the existing structure succeeds. By subdividing into 9 square bodies, the new Kulturforum creates a transition to the smaller-scale grain of the residential development to the north. The chosen architectural form gives the building a face towards all four sides and shows its function to the outside through the transparent facade.

Realization: from 2021
Competition: 1st prize
LPH: 1-8
GFA: 17,200 m²
Client: City of Königsbrunn
Location: Königsbrunn
Photos: Steimle Architekten

cultural forum Königsbrunn