The renovation of the customer center on the ground floor of the Tübingen municipal works has resulted in a contemporary architecture that reflects the public nature of its function while meeting the increased demand for the company’s services. For this purpose, the administrative building, which was designed by the architects Mühlich and Huthmacher in the early 1980s, was reduced to its shell. While the existing building, with its sculptural facades made of profiled aluminum sheeting and a suspended frame made of delicate, red steel pipes, clearly looks back to the 1980s, the new customer center reflects a formal language that is decidedly modern, restrained, and clear, having been purposely developed in dialogue with the existing building fabric.

realisation: 2015-2018
LPH: 2-8
BGF: 570 m²
BRI: 2.280 m³
builder: swt Stadtwerke Tübingen
place: Tübingen
pictures: Steimle Architekten BDA

Customer service center Tübingen