The jury under Prof. Wappner awarded the design of steimle architects and the design of UTA in cooperation with GdlF Gutiérrez-de la Fuente architects with the first price.
The jury described our project with a clear, urban settlement in interaction with a high architectural quality and moderate materials. The volume react to the Mafinex-building in his direct neighborhood without having a front or backside.

proceeding : Competition, 1st prize
GFA : ~ 7500m²
client : Stadt Mannheim²
location : Mannheim
pictures : Steimle Architekten with vize architectural rendering
with : Rentschler und Riedesser Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH für Technik im Bau, Engelsmann Peters GmbH, Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur, ibb Burrrer & Deuring Ingenieurbüro GmbH

Innovationcentre Greentech in Mannheim