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one of the first prizes in mannheim for steimle architects

The jury under Prof. Wappner awarded the design of steimle architects and the design of UTA in cooperation with GdlF Gutiérrez-de la Fuente architects with the first price.


hello, 2022

The team from steimle architekten wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2022!



exhibition Hugo-Häring Landespreis 2021

The show room wechselraum of the BDA Baden-Württemberg shows the exhibition of the Hugo-Häring Landespreise. It is open till 25/02/22. The corresponding book is availabel for 19,90€.

BDA Wechselraum Friedrichstraße 5 70174 Stuttgart open Tue-Fri 10-13/15-18 Sat-Sun 11-17

Covid-information: it is 2G + they will ask you to do a rapid test.


bestarchitects22 - townhall remchingen

The "best architects award" is one of the most prestigious architectural awards and is a yardstick for architectural development in the top segment. Since its inception, the "best architects" award has been regarded as a seal of quality for outstanding architectural achievement. It positions the award-winning architects and architectural firms at the top of the international architectural scene.
In this year's publication, the town hall in Remchingen , along with 90 other award-winning projects, is presented in high-quality print.

/ ISBN 978-3-946021-05-6
/ Publisher zinnobergruen 2021
/ 78 EUR
/ 448 pages / German

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houses of tomorrow - library in kressbronn


start of the construction site in Nuernberg

The technologycampus for the technical university in Nuernberg is starting in a new phase. The demolition on the old AEG-north areal is starting. The new area will be an innovative, creative centre in the north of Nuernberg.

link to project


Hugo Häring Landespreis 2021 for the library in Kressbronn

At the 19.11.2021 was the celebration for the Hugo Häring Landespreis 2021. Under the jurydirection of Peter Brückner from Brückner Brückner, our library was selected under the 130 already awarded prices of the Hugo Häring mentions. The prize is the most important architecture prize in Baden-Würrtemberg.


Architektur in Baden-Württemberg 2021 | edition 13

The landunion of the BDA Baden-Württemberg publicize every three years a book of the Hugo-Häring Prizes. In the edition 13 you can find three of our projects. Next to the library in Kressbronn, you can find the townhall in Remchingen just as the publiv services in Tuebingen.

/ ISBN 978-3-89986-368-0 / Verlag av edition GmbH / 19,90 EUR / 392 pages / german

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