The new sports and festival hall for the town of Wangen is being built in the Allgäu region. The shell was recently completed and the façade elements have already been delivered and installed after sampling.



Building is going on in Nuremberg

What's new on the THN construction site?

Most of the excavation pit has been compacted and the paving work in the underground car park can also start soon. Columns and masonry walls are partly in place, so the ceiling above the first floor can be concreted next.


Making of Firestation Fulda

At the end of 2016, Steimle Architekten won the competition for the rescue control centre in Fulda. At the time, with atmospheric visualisations covered in wafts of mist. Now the building is finished and the photographer Brigida González brings the visualisations to life together with the firefighters of the control centre. Here you can see - the making of - with fog machine, fire brigade model and full body effort. An architecture shoot of a different kind. Many thanks to Brigida González for this fun re-enactment.




1.Prize for the fire brigade stuttgart south

After an examination of the existing fire station 1 in the south of Stuttgart, it was determined that the old building, which dates back to 1888, could no longer meet the requirements of a modern fire brigade. Accordingly, a Europe-wide competition was held, and the jury under the direction of Jens Wittfoth unanimously selected the design by Steimle Architekten as the winning design. An innovative, inner-city fire station is now being planned for the Leonhardsviertel. The concrete base blends into the stone cityscape. A green terrace level and the wooden construction of the upper floors will be built on top of it. In the inner courtyard, the fire brigade will in future be able to carry out exercises on a multifunctional steel structure.


Steimle Architekten won the 1.Prize in Constance

Steimle Architketen won first prize in the urban planning competition for a residential development in Peterhausen West in Constance. The proposed location allows for the creation of an urban density of living space without burdening the existing surroundings. The cityscape is thus sensitively further developed. In the realisation part, the type of perimeter block development is adapted to the scale of the surroundings as an efficient and economically optimal use of space by breaking it up into point buildings and rows. The recess of the point buildings creates defined entrance zones along the street, which contribute to the address formation. In the inner courtyard, a calm and sheltered area is created for the residents, which contributes to the promotion of the neighbourhood.


The frozen needle dress

The planning and construction of the Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences continues to progress. Last week, the team therefore visited the façade builder in Leipzig. In a 1:1 mock-up, the colour tones for the future university façade were presented and finally decided. The building will shine in a metallic forzen needle as the new prelude to the AEG area.


There is already a tower in Mannhein

Work continues on the construction site in Mannheim on the Neckar. The concreted floor slabs already hint at the future tower of the SWR and give a glimpse of the lively building that is being constructed here.

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