On the counstructionside

The sports- and multifunctionalhall in Wangen im Allgäu is slowly taking shape. The wooden hybrid building impresses especially with its playful, simple facade. Actually during the construction phase, the hall gives the impression of a friendly, open building that will soon motivate students and hobby athletes to exercise.


Firestation in Ueberlingen under construction

In Überlingen, the shell for the new fire station is being stripped. The concrete exterior walls are already in place, and the round canopy of the fire station will follow in the next few weeks.


The new Dresdner Ring in Backnang

On Dresdner Ring in Backnang, the floors of most of the residential buildings have now been raised. In the grey weather, the cubes still look a little drab, while the façade and interior life is still missing. But with a bit of imagination, you can already guess how life will move into the living rooms and people will drink their after-work beer on the balconies, soon.



workshop for the district administration in Wuerzburg

The competition for the district office of the future in Wuerzburg was already decided in the beginning of 2022. Now we are working on the development. In April Thomas Steimle represents the project in front of the distriv administrator and the stuff of administration. The new district office should be citizen friendly and sustainable. With its well-connected location and attractive office space, it should not only offer a well-organised office but also attractive workplaces.


Competitionline Ranking !

Steimle Architekten was ranked 11th in the field of architecture and 14th in the field of urban planning in the 2022 competionline ranking. With four first prizes, one third prize and a recognition in 2022, we are pleased with the ranking and would like to thank our successful competition team, which was thus able to convince in more than every second competition submitted.


Facade finishing in Mannheim

The façade of the new SWR broadcasting building in Mannheim is hidden behind full scaffolding. The façade has been completed up to the third floor, the upper two floors are still missing. The curtain-type aluminium pilaster strips, which already gave the façade its light, playful dress in the competition, will be installed in the summer. The antenna of the new studio is already mounted on the roof, so the "gateway to the world" is already in place.


Completion firestation germersheim

The fire station in Germersheim has been completed and will be occupied by the local fire brigade this month.


Simon-Louis-du-Ry-Plakette 2023 for the rescue coordination center Fulda

The Fulda Rescue Control Centre receives the Simon Louis du Ry plaque. The BDA Hessen awards the prize every five years under the title "Large Houses, Small Houses - Excellent Architecture in Hessen 2018-2023".

The Ost Hessen journal quotes from the statements of the expert jury : The jury was very taken with the Fulda projects. For example, it judged the control centre: "The rescue control centre is characterised by an independent expression that results from the diagonally positioned lanes on the ground floor and was thus conclusively developed from its use. The chosen exposed concrete construction gives the building a sculptural and resistant expression that is appropriate for its use. Inside, complex utilisation structures are skilfully organised in a very clear floor plan. The building is not only to be mentioned as a successful extension of an industrially influenced building ensemble, but also as a reference for future vehicle halls."
More about the prize in the Ost Hessen journal

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