Building culture on site in Bernau - discussion round

The Brandenburg Chamber of Architects invites you to a round table discussion on building culture on site on 06.06.2024 16:00 - 19:00 in the Bernau Visitor Center. The round table is part of a joint series of events organized by the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects and Engineers.

“Buildings of high architectural quality”, as the website of the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects states, “should be presented and discussed in public”. The Bernau Visitor Center won a special prize as part of the Brandenburg Building Culture Award 2023.

The building not only has the challenging task of responding to its historical surroundings, but also of enabling various uses on a limited construction site. The event will begin with a guided tour of the site by project participants, followed by a discussion on “Building Culture on Site”.
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2 x 3

Two results from Steimle Architekten have been published in the fifth edition of wettbewerbe aktuell. This year we were already delighted to receive two third prizes. The first was for the Innovation Campus in Stühlingen-Weizen for the Sto company, which wants to expand its campus to include research centers as well as production and workshops.

The second third prize was in an even more picturesque location, at the foot of Stolzenfels Castle, where the Middle Rhine meanders through the landscape.There, an infrastructure building in the form of an orangery was to be placed on top of the existing parking garage for visitors to the castle.

You can find both competitions hereon our website or in the new issue of wettbewerbe aktuell.
Enjoy reading!


Construction progress at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology

The construction of the new campus extension at Nuremberg Institute of Technology is progressing in leaps and bounds. In addition to the final work on the petrol-colored façade, the roof and interior work is also being carried out. A great deal of technology is needed for the various innovative research activities. The technical equipment and interior fittings for the planned test halls, workshops, laboratories, offices and seminar rooms are making progress every day.

The anticipation of the upcoming flooring work and the resulting room impression is great! Stay tuned for more pictures...


SWR Mannheim-Ludwigshafen on the home straight

Now that the finishing work has been completed, the calm and transparency that the building radiates on the outside with its white slatted cladding can also be felt on the inside. The white-coated railings harmonize with the louvre panels used, the light-coloured seating forms a symbiosis with the space and the restrained textile elements ensure a subtle use of color in the room.

The press releaseexplains how SWR is moving into the new building during ongoing operations.

Here are a few details to whet your appetite for more...


arquitecturaviva published the Markolfhall

The spanish architecture page arquitecturaviva published the Markolfhall at lake of constance. We are delighted that the architecture of the Markolfingen sports and multi-purpose hall has also found favor in Spain. You will find the article here.


3rd Prize for the Entrance building castle Stolzenfels

Just behind Koblenz, the district of Stolzenfels is located directly on the Rhine. For many years, a worthy reception building for Stolzenfels Castle, which is enthroned on the hills, has been under consideration.The access roads of the Middle Rhine Valley lead directly through the district, so that a few years ago a parking level for visitors to the castle was built directly on the main road.An orangery is now to be built on this park building as a reception building for the castle.
We are delighted to have been awarded 3rd prize for this wonderful project.


build on wood

On 15.04.2024, the educational campaign AUFHOLZBAUEN in cooperation with the Ministry of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg is organizing a lecture in which, among others, Thomas Steimle will present the Markolfhalle on Lake Constance as an initiative project in timber construction.

Following the fire at the old Markolfhalle in Markelfingen on Lake Constance, a new sports and multi-purpose hall was built using a timber frame construction. It not only serves schools and sports clubs, but is also intended to be a social and cultural center for the townspeople. With its cantilevered roof and uniform wooden slat façade, the building is the architectural highlight on the south-eastern edge of the town. The clear structure of the building is continued inside through the visible supporting structure. At the center of the building are the large event stage and the playing field, which can be flexibly divided by a partition curtain. The use of local spruce from regional forests underlines the concept of sustainability.


Innovationcampus STO - 3rd Prize

The STO company is known over architectural circles. As a specialist in thermal insulation / paints and plasters, it has been in the construction business for decades. The company has now announced a competition for its own innovation campus in Wutachtal. Steimle Architekten are delighted to have won a 3rd prize.


Reorganisation W&W Areal Ludwigsburg

The area is primarily characterized by the tower of the W&W Group.Each of the existing building blocks has different qualities that need to be transformed into an urban living and working quarter.Steimle Architekten opted for a cautious approach to the existing buildings, particularly in view of the challenging task of sustainable construction. The gray energy of the structures is bound in the existing buildings. New buildings are added as lightweight timber constructions. The green, lively courtyard becomes a sponge city and thus combines social qualities and sustainable urban planning.

We are happy about one of the three first prizes!


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