State office in Gunzenhausen

Steimle Architekten win 1st price at the competition for state office in Gunzenhausen.

extension of Steinwache memorial in Dortmund

Steimle Architekten are honored for the competition Steinwache Dortmund.

Half-Long Charles Ludwigsburg

1st prize competition
February 2017

town- und culture hall - Gammertingen

1st place competition „town- und culture hall - Gammertingen“

Kreativwirtschafts zentrum Karlsruhe

1st prize competition
October 2017

Fire Department Fulda

1st prize competition
November 2016

Hafencity Dresden

2nd price competition
August 2017

Fire Department Germersheim

1st prize competition
April 2016

Enzian Seifenfabrik

2.prize competition
May 2017

Townhall Remchingen

competition 1st price,
may 2015

District Office Bad Kissingen

competition 1st price,
august 2015

"creative working space"

3.price competition 2016

Competition Budapester Platz

honorable mention competition 2016

Technical College Olpe

competition 1st price,
march 2015

Raiffeisen quarter Feldkirchen

2.price competition 2017

Senior citizen Bad Windsheim

2.price competition 2015

Live on the "Nordwall"

New construction and rebuilt of residential buildings
in the old town of Stadthagen 2015

Library and Mensa Kressbronn

competition 3rd place,
june 2015

Klaustor City Museum

competition 1st price,
february 2014

Dormitory Hof

purchase in competition 2015

Accommodation Lörrach

mention competition 2015

District Office Neustadt an der Waldnaab

honorable mention competition 2016

Munich-Pasing residential development

3.price competition 2013

Rote Wand housing development

4.price competition 2014

Pedestrian bridge

2.price competition

Visitor Center Black Forest

competition 2014

Campus Bühl

4.price competition 2017