1st prize competition
The jury, chaired by Peter W. Schmidt, architect from Pforzheim, awarded the first prize to Steimle Architekten, two second prizes and three mentions. The local press »die schwäbische« reported on the successful architectural competition

Evaluation by the jury
"The editors of this work propose an almost square building structure which, due to its settlement and its small size, creates very well usable exterior spaces and references. It communicates with its foyer, which is located in the north, and which, through its three-sided transparency, creates an interior reference both to the east to the fairground and the city center, and to the west to the town hall and the commercial school. In terms of urban planning, this creates the necessary forecourt so that the space can be used and experienced as a campus for the various schools. Towards the south, the authors propose a square design that integrates the street that crosses this space and makes it appear as a unified square through placemats and greenery. ...
...The façade appearance described by the authors themselves as rational aesthetics is created by a larch wood construction placed in front of the actual supporting structure. The facades are alternately generously transparent or closed, depending on the use behind them. This interplay of alternating top and bottom, open and closed, gives this building its own distinctive quality note. The work captivates by its outstanding detailing, which however must be consistently maintained even in the attitude shown here".

Sports hall in Wangen