In the immediate vicinity of the historic Stammheim Castle, the new Stammheim district house of the city of Stuttgart is being built. It is intended to be a public building for civic activities, club life and meetings with the vision of placing community life at the center. This vision is underlined by its openness and transparency and the inviting café facing the church square and castle courtyard. With the café on the first floor and the community and group rooms, as well as the citizens' hall on the upper floors, the result is a thoroughly open building with flexible uses for a variety of users.

A quiet building block is inserted into the urban ensemble and is consciously but distinctly integrated into the adjacent listed Schlossscheuer. As a plus-energy house with a PV shell integrated into the building's façade and roof, the district house with its lamella cladding has a slightly bluish, technical appearance that contrasts with the barn. The color for the interior is derived from the outer shell and the location, creating a unity between inside and outside.

realization: from 2020
competition: 1st prize
client: City of Stuttgart
location: Stammheim
images: Vize Renderings / Steimle Architekten

Community center Stammheim