The new building fills the gap in an existing hillside development with views over the city Metzingen. The space program of the four-headed young family divided into three levels. Outbuildings and cinema in the slope, personal rooms of the parents and children set with sanitary facilities on the second level and the top of the communal living area. The terracing of the land is continued along the inside to the slope line: a cascade of stairs connects, at the entrance in the basement slope starting, the three levels and overcomes the difference in elevation of the land. A staged emergence into the light, the panorama opens up on its end of the city to the opposite slopes. Three differently oriented open spaces are part of the open plan living area and enter the building outside its striking plasticity. The reduced materials and colors enhance the precise, almost crystalline appearance of the object.

Year: 2011
HOAI work stages: 1-9
building cost: not specified
GFA: 513m²
cubature: 1.519m3
client: private
location: Metzingen
photos: Brigida González

EM35 cityvilla