The newly-built rescue control center for the City of Fulda’s fire department, an elongated, jagged rectangular block, adopts the alignment of the existing special brigade building adjoining it to the south, and blends harmoniously into the site. The building expresses its independence in a manner fitting for a fire station. The building’s chosen architectural form gives it a face on all three of its sides. Thus the new building does justice to its spatial and urban significance at an entrance to the courtyard and as a striking counterpoint to the hose-drying tower, the fire department’s emblematic symbol. The building has no back side. The building’s autonomous function and its organizational structure are clearly visible from the exterior.

realisation: 2017-2021
competition: 1st prize
LPH: 1-8
BGF: 2.650 m²
BRI: 12.100 m³
builder: Magistrat der Stadt Fulda
place: Fulda
pictures: Brigida González

Fire department Fulda