Close to the train station, an upscale, generously landscaped residential quarter is taking shape in Ludwigsburg, between Karlstraße, Bahnhofstraße, and Solitudestaße. Set within the existing post-Baroque city block structure, it is centrally accessible from Karlstraße. The building mass is divided into three individual blocks. Their combination of diversity and similarities creates a cohesive urban unit. The restriction to simple, clear building forms allows a maximum of design freedom. The facade design is based on the vertically proportioned windows of the surrounding Wilhelminian-era villas. The front building is distinguished in the urban context by a slightly more rigorous window arrangement and a pitched roof. The design and material concept for the buildings’ exterior calls for a restrained but accentuated appearance with a facade of durable brick.

realisation: 2017-2021
competition: 1st prize
LHP: 1-5
BGF: 6.400 m²
BRI: 21.900 m³
builder: STRENGER Bauen und Wohnen
place: Ludwigsburg
pictures: Steimle Architekten BDA

Half-Long Charles Ludwigsburg