The building’s architectural expression is characterized by its powerful, robust volume. Light-colored concrete elements articulate the building and convey its internal structure to the outside. The industrial, loft-like concrete facade and the special qualities of the architecture are expressed in the detailed handling of the building volume. All the floors not only allow views deep inside but, in some cases, permit views through the newly-opened center for creative businesses within. On the upper floors there are large, floor-to-ceiling openings on both long sides in an exciting interplay with the deeply recessed openings on the building’s short sides, with their facade greenery that covers approximately 28% of the entire exterior. The new creative-economy center exists as a self-evident and distinctive, center-forming component within the heterogeneous former slaughterhouse surroundings. The building has no back side; the chosen facade design gives it a face on all four sides.

realisation: beginning 2018
competition: 1.prize> LHP: 1-9
BGF: 3.980 m²
BRI: 13.740 m³
builder: Karlsruher Fächer GmbH & Co. KG
place: Karlsruhe
pictures: Steimle Architekten BDA mit vize

KWZ Karlsruhe