The location of the building in the quiet side street allows living up to the first floor. The apartments surrounding the front of the building provide additional lighting. A stringent grid runs around all three sides of the façade, dividing the building into height, width and depth. Through a modular floor plan organization, different living forms can be created. Balconies to the courtyard and street side develop out of the modular framework and give in particular the homogeneous street cross-section a plasticity and depth in its spatial perception.

In its programming as a purely residential building, the building accommodates different types of housing in various sizes. The flexibility of the residential forms ensures a healthy mix of residents. By the flexible appropriation of the switchable individual rooms a generation-spreading living is possible,whereby a high identification of the inhabitants with their house can be formed. Through the generous passage area into the communal courtyard, the social togetherness within the block is promoted.

Realization: from 2021
Competition: 1st prize
LPH: 1-6
GFA: 1,800 m²
BRI: 5,000 m³
Client: Kruck + Partner Wohnbau und Projektentwicklung GmBH & Co. KG
Location: Heilbronn
Photos: Steimle Architekten

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Neckarbogen Heilbronn