The island of Spiekeroog is known as green, slow north sea island. To stay attractive as an vacation domicil, the island will rebuild there seaside restaurant and add a new appartement building for workers on the island. The new seaside restaurant creats an individual identity while embetting unagitated inbetween the dunes.
Both buildings are speaking the same language as the hole island, they are using the same colors and the same geometric volumes. Both will be build in wood, extract the existing underground floor of the seaside restarant. In this way, it's possible to adapt the extraordinary circumstances of the green, carfree island.

realization: from 2022 competition: 1. prize BGF restaurant : ~1060 m² BRI appartements : ~ 720 m³ builder: Nordseebäder Spiekeroog GmbH place: Spiekeroog photos: Steimle Architekten / vize renderings

seaside ensemble at spiekeroog