The guiding idea of the design is the urban reorganization of the area with radically few interventions: Only the orientation of the building is to structure the area. The new gymnasium will be positioned on the site of the obsolete hall. In this way, all existing trees can be preserved. With its public spaces - foyer and cafeteria - the sports hall opens up on three sides to the west, north and east and thus to all neighboring uses. It forms a face to the commercial school, the town hall, the high school, the tree hall, the vocational school center and even to the historic old town of Wangen. In the eastern apron, a new festival square is thus created.
To the north, the foyer welcomes students from the high school and the trade school with a welcoming gesture. The tree hall remains the link of the campus and is strengthened: along the west facade, views of the cafeteria are now possible even before entering the building. The gymnasium thus directs all students to the campus plaza. The delivery and service of the building can be implemented as envisaged in the master plan. Due to the existing structures with multi-story school buildings, large distance areas and tall trees, ground level location of the gymnasium lends itself.

Realization: from 2021
Competition: 1st prize
LPH: 1-8
GFA: 4,600 m²
BRI: 20,100 m³
Client: Ravensburg County / City of Wangen
Location: Wangen im Allgäu
Photos: Steimle Architekten

sports hall Wangen