Face to Face with the Bauhaus The new visitor center serves as the prelude to a fitting and enjoyable experience of this World Heritage Site. It introduces visitors directly to this special place by creating a frame and directing their gaze. As a serene structure, the pavilion constitutes a linear moment that draws attention to the ADGB Bundesschule (Federal School) within the wooded landscape. Together with the lofty trees and an inviting entry terrace, this building creates a unity that combines prelude, a moment of motion, and a place of repose with a specific quality. The horizontality of the existing structures is taken up and transferred to the pavilion. Between its base and its roof, the visitor center is wide open, thus allowing a clear view while at the same time creating a very welcoming atmosphere by the subtle intensification of the interior. The interior space opens out onto the forecourt with an inviting raised entry zone that serves as the arrival point for visitors.

completion: 2022
competition: 1st prize
BGF: 485 m²
BRI: 2.400 m³
builder: city of Bernau bei Berlin
place: Bernau bei Berlin
pictures: Brigida González

Visitor center Bernau near Berlin