wettbewerbe aktuell 05|24

Two results from Steimle Architekten have been published in the fifth edition of wettbewerbe aktuell. This year we were already delighted to receive two third prizes. The first was for the Innovation Campus in Stühlingen-Weizen for the Sto company, which wants to expand its campus to include research centers as well as production and workshops.

The second third prize was in an even more picturesque location, at the foot of Stolzenfels Castle, where the Middle Rhine meanders through the landscape.There, an infrastructure building in the form of an orangery was to be placed on top of the existing parking garage for visitors to the castle.

You can find both competitions hereon our website or in the new issue of wettbewerbe aktuell.
Enjoy reading!

Visitor Centre Bernau in the Baukultur magazin from DAI

The first issue of the DAI's Baukultur magazine in 2024 focuses on building with concrete, surfaces and outdoor facilities. Under the title "Welcome gesture", the visitor center of the Bauhaus heritage Bernau is published as an example of concrete architecture. In the introductory text, "subordinate and assert" illustrates the tension between new and old architecture on the site of the Bundesschule des Allgemeinen Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbund.


architecture guide germany 2024

Steimle Architekten sind zweimal im Architekturführer Deutschland 2024 zu finden. In the southwest district, both the inner-city redensification near Ludwigsburg railroad station, the "Half Long Charles", and the rescue control center and fire department in Fulda are listed.

The architectural guide lists over 100 high-quality, exemplary buildings and ensembles that have recently been realized. The selection corresponds to the longlist of the DAM Prize 2024.

publichsed by : Yorck Förster, Christina Gräwe, Peter Cachola Schmal price : 28,00 €


Bauhaus visitor centre in AIT

The Bauhaus Visitor Center Bernau is published in the October issue of AIT. Under the heading VISITOR CENTERS, AIT presents three buildings. In addition to the Bauhaus Visitor Center in Bernau, projects by Atelier Brückner and Loop Architects are also published.


Building + Economy, administrative district of Stuttgart

The administrative district of Stuttgart has published 2023 Building and Economy, Architecture of the Region in the Mirror. The book features not one but two projects by Steimle Architekten that are currently in the planning stage. Fire Station 1 South, which was decided at the end of 2022, is still at the very beginning of the planning phase. In the middle of Stuttgart's Heusteig district, the old building, which is in need of renovation, is to be demolished in order to integrate a new, contemporary fire station with administration into the historic stock of the surrounding area.

Also in the spotlight, the district house in Stuttgart Stammheim.The open community center is being built in the immediate vicinity of Stammheim Castle.The traditional gable roof blends in with the typical local architecture.The modern lamella facade with integrated PV modules reinterprets the gable roof house.


rescue control centre Fulda published in Bauwelt 16.2023

The rescue control center in Fulda was published in Bauwelt. In a tour over the site of the historically grown control center, the journalist Kirsten Klingbeil describes the "polished-looking volume" that brings calm to its small-scale surroundings. The entire article can be found in Bauwelt 16.2023 with the overriding theme "112", which presents four new fire stations, also in Wiesbaden, Vienna and Cologne.
Besides, you can find the articel about the rescue control centre Fulda on the webpage www.bauwelt.de


The Bauhaus Visitorcentre in Bernau is published in bestarchitects23

The visitor centre in Bernau has been published in best architects 23. The beautiful illustrated book shows the most current buildings of the year 2023. We are very pleased to be included. It is definitely worth taking a look at the book.


towhn hall remchingen in bestarchitects22

The "best architects award" is one of the most prestigious architectural awards and is a yardstick for architectural development in the top segment. Since its inception, the "best architects" award has been regarded as a seal of quality for outstanding architectural achievement. It positions the award-winning architects and architectural firms at the top of the international architectural scene.
In this year's publication, the town hall in Remchingen , along with 90 other award-winning projects, is presented in high-quality print.

/ ISBN 978-3-946021-05-6
/ Publisher zinnobergruen 2021
/ 78 EUR
/ 448 pages / German

Link to project

competition coastensemble Spiekeroog in the wa - wettbewerbe aktuell 12/21

beachhall and appartementhouse at Spiekeroog published in the wa- wettbewerbe aktuell edition 12/21

link to competition


Architektur in Baden-Württemberg 2021 | edition 13

The landunion of the BDA Baden-Württemberg publicize every three years a book of the Hugo-Häring Prizes. In the edition 13 you can find three of our projects. Next to the library in Kressbronn, you can find the townhall in Remchingen just as the publiv services in Tuebingen.

/ ISBN 978-3-89986-368-0 / Verlag av edition GmbH / 19,90 EUR / 392 pages / german


BT-28 publicized in Berlin/Mitte/2021: metropole and kiez

In the book Berlin/Mitte/2021 - Metropole und Kiez, Berlin Mitte shows his changing areas. At the area "Der Kleine Tiergarten" our plans of the residential and commercial building on the Turmstraße/ Stromstraße is published.

link to project


Remchingen town hall in CUBE magazin

With the title "Self-confident monolith - A new town hall presents itself as a modern multifunctional building", CUBE magazine publishes an article about the new town hall in Remchingen!

[Link to the project] (https://www.steimle-architekten.com/de/projects/rathaus_remchingen)


S3 Cityvilla and E20 in 100 dream houses

"Are you still living or are you already alive? We are certain: The residents of the 100 dream houses know the answer. It is: We live by living in a tailor-made manner."

In the illustrated book of the 100 most beautiful single-family houses, published by Callway Verlag, Steimle Architekten are represented with two houses: the S3 Cityvilla Tübingen and the E20 residential building in Pliezhausen.

/ ISBN 978-3-7667-2494-6
/ Verlag Callway GmbH 2021
/ 39,95 EUR
/ 224 Pages / German

Link to projekt S3
Link to project E20


Bernau Visitor Center in Wettbewerbe Aktuell 06/21 - Competitions followed up

The article in the current edition of Wettbewerbe Aktuell - Competitions followed up - reports on the development of the Bernau Visitor Center, from the competition design to the current status of execution.

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E20 in Betonart

The townhouse E20 in Pliezhausen was published in the Turkish magazine Betonart!

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The district office Bad Kissingen in the Czech architecture magazine INTRO

The district office Bad Kissingen presents itself in detail in an 8-page report in a special edition of the Czech architecture magazine INTRO and provides deep insights into the design of the house.

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Remchingen town hall in Baukultur

Thinking around the corner - The Remchingen town hall presents itself as a pentagonal block in the current issue of betonBaukultur of the DAI.
Among other things, the article looks at the insulating concrete facade, which gives the building its haptic and value.

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Rathaus Remchingen in Opus C

In the current issue Opus C Mark Küppers has published with the title "pentagon with many facets" an article about our city hall in Remchingen.

In it, he points out that the new building, "structural framework, facade and insulation in an honest, authentic composition implements"

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visitor and encounter centre bernau in Bau und Raum yearbook 2019

In the yearbook of the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, the new visitor and meeting center in Bernau is presented as a new part of the world cultural heritage.Construction has already started!

/ ISBN 978-3-87994-264-0
/ Selbsverlag BBR
/ 202 pages / german

Link zum Projekt


city hall Remchingen in AIT 12.2020

AIT presents the city hall in Remchingen as a new center and central place for meeting and communication - a building as a link between administration and guarantors.

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best architects 2021 - Landratsamt Bad Kissingen in the print edition

best architects represents meanful architecture in all its diversity.
In this year's publication, the Bad Kissingen district office is presented in high-quality print with 90 other excellent projects.

/ ISBN 978-3-946021-05-6
/ Verlag zinnobergruen 2020
/ 78 EUR
/ 448 pages / German

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Remchingen Townhall published in the magazine "db"

The architectural journal "db" published an article by critic Christian Schönwetter about Remchingen town hall.




discrict administration office Bad Kissingen in wa


Library Kressbronn in dezeen

Dezeen is the world's most popular and influential architecture and design magazine, and the winner of numerous awards for journalism and publishing.

Their mission is simple: to bring you a carefully edited selection of the best architecture, design and interiors projects and news from around the world.

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H11 in DAB 2|20



H11 in Best Architects 2020

the «best architects» in Düsseldorf, led to a selection of outstanding projects that primarily stand out from the masses for their clear and independent approach. They go beyond the mere competence required to fulfil their brief. They have not chosen the path of least resistance. They declare themselves without requiring lengthy explanations. They demonstrate courage in discovering the new and they intelligently look for loopholes to allow innovation to come to the fore. Each of them, in their own way, thus makes an unmistakable and distinct contribution to building culture.
Ünal Karamuk · Jury best architects 20

link to the project


H11 in Opus C 12|19


H11 in Architektur Exklusiv-Premium






H11 in architektur international


SWS in Portal 47



H11 in hinge magazine hongkong





Steimle Architekten take off

Discover Germany,Swizerland and Austria,the english Inflight- und Business Magazin "meets germany´s creative creators"
"Architecture in Germany has a long and diverse history. After all, visitors to the country can find every major European style in the country...We take a look at some of the sturctures that showcase the creativity of German architects."
In the special theme all eyes on german architecture 2019 Thomas und Christine Steimle talking about their long-lived visions with a geographical reference.



Steimle Architekten in HIGH ON...GERMAN ARCHITECTS



"...finally, after handing over the creative reins to Steimle Architects, a Stuttgart studio, they ended up with a bijou villa with an unusal hexagonal shape...

link zum Projekt




visitors center for Bauhaus monument "Bundesschule Bernau" in Bauwelt 9.2018





E20 in Häuser - the magazine for architecture and design














steimle Architekten mit S3 in "100 deutsche Häuser"





steimle architekten in »Das Ideale Einfamilienhaus«

Puplication in »Architektur in Baden-Württemberg«

Puplication in »Häuser des Jahres«