The building’s chosen architectural form, a monolithic block notched out with a few precise incisions, gives it a face on all four sides. The architectural expression of the building is typified by its worthy, powerful, and differentiated volume. The building facades are distinguished by the contrast between the beige exposed-concrete facade and the precise transparent incisions. The Cultural Hall is given an exceptional and fitting plasticity by the slight intersection of the roof planes over the two main interior spaces. The result is a well-scaled structure that adds a robust presence to the Schey site. The planned building will not appear pretentious, but elegant and accessible to the public. The special qualities of its architecture lie in the detailed treatment of the building volume. The interior hall is generously lit by daylight from skylights and side openings.

realisation: from 2018
competition: 1st prize
LPH: 2-8
BGF: 2.000 m²
BRI: 10.380 m³
builder: Stadt Gammertingen
place: Gammertingen
images: Steimle Architekten with Filippo Bolognese Images

Multipurpose hall Gammertingen